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Non-political JAC unveils logo and flag for the Samaikyandhra
Samaikyandhra non-political JAC LogoAug 17: Samaikyandhra non-political JAC released the poster and flag of the movement at a press conference in Vizag on Friday.

Andhra Pradesh is synonymous with greenery and is better known as the grain bowl of India, and the logo and flag for the Samaikyandhra movement have been designed to represent this imagery, the Samaikyandhra non-political JAC member Chintakindi Srinivasa Rao said.

Addressing the media after JAC chairman and former Vice-Chancellor of Acharya Nagarjuna University V. Bala Mohan Das released the logo and flag design, Srinivasa Rao said that parrot green background represented the greenery of the farms and the Telugu Thalli statue was used in the flag to rekindle the pride and affection for the State. The JAC would support all the protest movements of the constituent members, Prof. Bala Mohan Das said. The JAC would conduct a roundtable with different sections of society, including intellectuals, youth and employees, among others, and draw up a plan of action for the agitation to be taken up to protest against the decision of the Congress party and the Central government to bifurcate the State.

They also demanded, If the bifurcation of the State was inevitable, the Centre would have to prove its commitment by actually creating the infrastructure for a new capital, including roads, sanitation, healthcare, education and industry, among others, before bifurcating the State. The Centre has not lived up to its promise of providing for creation and development of the new capital in States such as Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, he said.

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